About Carl

Carl Brewer was born in the Midwest where he received his Associate’s of Science from Stark State and is obtaining his BA in Organizational Management from Malone University. Growing up Carl was taught the value of working hard, fostering critical thinking and creativity.


Always seeing the value in education, Carl has been driven to learn and share his knowledge with anyone in need.  He has over 15 years of leadership and business development experience.  He has also served on multiple boards that focused on engaging with the youth to build a community of hometown heroes. ​​


As a financial educator, Carl has assisted thousands of families in securing their financial future. Carl has taken extra steps to gain his National Social Security Advisor designation and continues to work towards other designations, so he can serve his clients.


Carl has been married for nine years and together he and his wife have three beautiful children and one awesome fur baby.  By utilizing his seasoned servant leadership and collaboration skillsets, Carl wants to serve the people of Orange County as their next School Board Chair, to ensure each child is given the world-class education they need and deserve.


He is your bureaucracy-busting man of the people who will fight for the rights of students, teacher's and parents alike.  He is the new voice and leadership we need to shake things up in the Orange County school system.  It's time for a change and it starts at the top with Carl Brewer for School Board Chair.

Why I'm Running

I'm running to represent you as your Orange County School Board Chair. 

I'm running because you deserve someone who will actually listen to your concerns and will welcome your input on decisions that affect their children, rather than hiding behind a wall of bureaucracy and doing as they please. 


I'm running to ensure that each child gets the highest level of education that they deserve, rather than settling for mediocrity. A great deal of our public schools in Orange County are failing right now and that is unacceptable. 


I'm running to make sure that our children are well-trained and equipped to not only enter the 21st-century workforce with the tools, talents, and resources they need, but, to far exceed ALL of our expectations.

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Moments with Carl